Welcome to Mashal University

The University of Mashal (MU) is a prestigious university of more than 2,000 students. The university offers programs, in an excellent and modern campus that gives students an excellent academic and social environment. It is our pride and obligation to support higher education in Afghanistan by applying all national and international standards and regulations. Here it seems necessary for us to thank the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan (MoHE) for their valuable support to the higher education sector and private universities in Afghanistan



We at MU push our students to use their highest potential for putting efforts to learn at our modern academic and friendly environment where everyone respect for diverse values, national heritage, cultural diversity, gender and integrity. It’s our aim to provide and facilitate research, internship and community outreach project opportunities through which students can learn and gain experience to be able to do both continue pursuing their master studies or applying for a job to make a career.

I am proud to belong to an academic community that historically has embraced diversity and is as steadfast about this ideal as it was during its earliest days. I invite you to join our remarkable community and its appreciation of the viewpoints and contributions of others.

Dr Qasim Taj
Chancellor of Mashal University