Welcome to Mashal University

Around the world universities are considered the catalyst for change. There are centers of promoting creative ideas, rational and critical thinking, policy formulation and value irritation. The development of higher Education and establishment of new institutions of higher education in Afghanistan particularly since the establishment of the current regime in the country has been outstanding .

highly qualified and trained faculty, friendly and supportive administration, modern curricula, conducive academic environment and excellent in fracture are the hallmarks of the university. The university has a fleet of buses which freely transport female students. The university was founded in 2009 and currently offers programs for undergraduate studies to -------------------- enrolled students in the year --------------------. The university has five academia faculties with ………………… departments. The university is looking forward to achieve excellence e in imparting quality teaching and skills, promoting research and develop and industry – academia linkage program. The staff members are committed to work with dedication and devotion in an atmosphere of mutual trust, unity discipline and love free of all kinds of prejudices.


Professor Hameed ullah Amin
Chancellor of Mashal University