BCE- Bachelor of engineering

The Mashal Department of Engineering has grown to be the largest department at the university, attracting 10% of all University of Mashal students. As such, the Department of Engineering is now a very important authority o­n research and education in engineering.

This competitive program attracts some of the most brilliant students from all over the world.
The goal of the Mashal University Department of Engineering undergraduate schools is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders in the field of engineering and to use their educations to make important contributions to society. An education in engineering at Mashal helps students grow in a variety of areas, including research skills, team work, mathematics, computing, creativity, written and oral communication, and problem solving.

 Professors help students foster these skills by providing a variety of lecture courses, discussion sections and research opportunities.

Courses details:

The bachelor of engineering  (BEng) course has eight semesters with 138 credit hours. One credit should be taught 16 weeks/semester