Bachelor Of Business Adminstration

This Program Provides solid foundations to the students in Business Administration and is well suited to those seeking to attain professional expertise in the General Management Area!


Bachelor Of Law

Initiate the Faculty of LLB (Law) on the basis of the fact that we can have the rule of law when we could upgrade the level of knowledge and understanding about the country rules and regulations!


Bachelor Of Mass Communication & Journalism

In a fast growing flow of information world where the information is power the Mass Media have a drastic influential role, especially in Afghanistan where the mass media has an important role in shaping socio _ economic and political situation!


Bachelor Of Political Science

Political Science is one of the leading the most growing subject amongst the social science subject. The growth of political science is coincided with the growth of its discipline from a narrow institutional and legal to more comprehensive study of social science subject which include psychological, cultural, economics, sociological dimensions.


Bachelor Of Engineering

The Mashal Department of Engineering has grown to be the largest department at the university, attracting 10% of all University of Mashal students. As such, the Department of Engineering is now a very important authority o­n research and education in engineering


Diploma in IT & Diploma in English

Diploma and short courses programs Mashal University Diploma programs are among the most competitive and successful language and computer programs. We are offering different programs as per the needs and requirements of students such as .


Mashal University Mission and Vision

Mashal University (MU) as a private institute came into existence in 2009 to serve the nation and utilize the resources in academic field. The MU shall endeavor to promote the principles on which our nation worked during the years; Islamic awareness, social justice, national integration, scientific solution to the problem of society, democratic way of life and international understanding. MU as a legal entity prepare its study programs according to the rules and regulations Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Ministry of Higher Education. MashaL University(MU) is innovative in regards to its structure and revision of curricula is a continuous and ongoing process. The revision is initiated by individual faculty members depending on requirements with a view to keeping step with the changing needs. Practically in Board meeting some of the old courses are revised or some new courses are introduced

  • To utilize the academic and human resources
  • provision for provision for integrated courses in humanities, science and technology in the educational program of the University
  • Take appropriate measure to promote inter-disciplinary studies in the University
  • Spread an implement the latest scientific and technologic finding of the world
  • Promote the students and teachers an awareness and understanding of the social needs of the country and prepare them to fulfill such needs

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